How to Spend Less Money During The Holidays?

Discounts, discounts, and sales are everywhere. The store is sluggish and just us moms to enter and buy something. Pre-holiday madness makes us buy something that we did not need.

So, follow these simple strategies that the BusinessInsider site has set aside and saved money during a festive consumer fever.

Rule of 10 seconds

“Whenever you’re in the store, take something you like and hold for ten seconds. During this time, ask yourself if this really needs you and would it be better to spend that money on something else. You will see that you will return it to the shelf and you will go proudly because you have not spent money on something unnecessary, “Trent Hamm’s advice, in the book” 365 ways to live cheaper. “

Try the “foreigner” test

Another quick trick you can try out at the store. When you think of buying something or not imagining that a foreigner offers you what you want in one and money (in the value of that product) on the other hand. If you’d rather take the money, then you should keep the money that you wanted to spend.

Use only cash when buying

Research shows that we spend more when we use credit cards instead of cash. If you plan to reduce costs, carry with you only cash.

Buy it yourself

 “Unless you are buying a mutual gift or sharing something you’ve bought,” Hamm advises in the book “365 ways to live cheaper.” The more people are with you, the stronger the impetus for shopping. When you are alone, follow more closely what you plan to buy and spend less money on unnecessary things.

Do not hesitate to say “No”

Often, we do it all, and when we are too lenient, in the end, we are convinced to buy something, which later leads us to remorse. But when we say “no,” that gives us power – there is no more negotiation, and we draw attention to something that we really need.

You spend less time buying and spending less

Before you go shopping, make a detailed list of what you need. When you are in the store, limit your shopping time, and stick to the list.

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